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11.06.2015 / 4 Comment
The jobs report issued today and feedback from my last blog point to the same paradox regarding manufacturing jobs.
10.14.2015 / 4 Comment
A new storm front is approaching, potentially exacerbating the manufacturing workforce shortfall.
08.10.2015 / 7 Comment
Why don't we treat education like business: improve quality and lower costs. Perhaps Mennonite schools are a model.
07.16.2015 / 0 Comment
It wasn't many years ago that consumer products companies had incredibly effective security around their intellectual property (IP). Our digital age now poses an incredible threat to IP.
06.19.2015 / 0 Comment
A survey on plant floor cyber security brings many blank stares
05.19.2015 / 3 Comment
In addition to an integrated technical education, manufacturing workers require well-honed social skills to deal with the collaboration and change management needs of rapidly evolving manufacturing environments. Are our institutions up to the challenge?
04.08.2015 / 7 Comment
A series of events during the past weeks have highlighted the fragile and vulnerable nature of the critical infrastructure upon which our economy and our national security depend.
03.02.2015 / 4 Comment
While PMMI's report on PackExpo East bodes well for manufacturing in the Northeast, a new report from NAM's Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte adds increased concern about manufacturing's ability to thrive due to a severe lack of technical talent in the United States.
02.11.2015 / 0 Comment
General Mills revealed their timeline for creating an interconnected enterprise at the ARC Forum
02.06.2015 / 4 Comment
Goal is to create 20,000 new apprentices over 5 year period
12.03.2014 / 0 Comment
Festo Didactic cuts the ribbon to open the Center for Workforce Technology Education
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